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Athletes have special needs. They strive to function at peak performance. Whether that performance requires strength, endurance, or aerobic capacity, all athletes need a smooth, efficiently functioning physiology. Most athletes know that training, pacing, and food are the three things that they manipulate to gain the performance levels they seek. Most athletes already understand the glycogen loading diet regime and most athletes settle on a diet that is a blend of personal preferences combined with scientific guidance.

However, most athletes are unaware of Dr. Ouellette's Canadian Pain Relief Diet and how it can aid them in performance. Most athletes are unaware of the dangers that the glycogen loading diet presents to many people who have special physiology. The thing is that the prevalence of special physiology is more widespread than generally assumed.

Although it might be argued that everyone is unique, people do fall into general categories. We are all human. However, it appears that the foods we consume in our general diets are not the best for peak performance. They are not even the best for optimal health and wellness. Most athletes take their general diet and tweak it a bit thinking they will do better on a tweaked diet. There is a way to do much better.

Dr. Ouellette's Canadian Pain Relief Diet is a clean diet. By that we mean these foods burn more cleanly in the body than the typical North American diet. There are performance advantages to the Canadian Pain Relief Diet that are derived from the types of foods consumed.

To test yourself against the standards for the Canadian Pain Relief Diet go to the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation web site and take the consultation. There is a special section in the consultation that screens for Dr. Ouellette's Canadian Pain Relief Diet. Your Report of Findings will indicate your score on this diet and it will make recommendations on how you can improve.


Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS, DNM, RNP